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“If you're looking for excellence and professionalism, look no further 10/10 would do it again.” -Leon Jacques


Creative strategy specialist, Mira Kraft, is a pilot, tailor and fortunet. She is also a guide and soothsayer. Offer her your hand and she will show you how to get where you next need to be. As if splaying the lines of your palms onto the streets before you, Kraft illuminates the least circuitous route to your success.


Specializing in creative strategy requires myriad talents, of course, and Kraft knows how to employ the best at each turn. A skilled and proficient brand developer, PR professional, booker and roster manager, Kraft’s experience and intuition amalgamate into wisdom for her stable of creatives. She is a Rolodex buoyed by prominent movers and shakers both domestically and internationally.


Working with artists from DIY to seasoned pro levels, Kraft connects dots, lifting her clients. She has established prolific relationships with west coast luminaries like acclaimed songwriter, Whitney Mongé, and Mayoral candidate and artist, Nikkita Oliver. Pop sensation Scarlet Parke whom Kraft manages, released her latest record, Flight Risk, in 2019, which The Seattle Times dubbed, “Pop album of the summer.”


Kraft also works assiduously with artists like the platinum-selling engineer Milo Eubank (Macklemore), songwriter Alina Ly, sharp-tongued Rell Be Free, Black Stax, boisterous Marshall Law Band, Buddha in a Jar (India), and Leon Jacques (U.K.).


Partner to the networking hub and social app, Parke Ave, Kraft continues to integrate essential marketing resources with its growing community. She works with  The Biggest Podcast and has curated a series of panels and events both in the States and U.K. With her, a talk backstage is the first step toward your own successful yellow brick road.

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Tailored brand development that caters to your specific company, persona, or product and reflects your vision of success.


From tour-management and booking, to event planning, panel production, conventions, and workshops; each project is individually curated and executed.


Have a vision that needs some voice? Let's strategize. Whether you're looking for just one hour or an arranged monthly retainer, client packages are customizable. 


Creative direction for promotional content, music videos, or press strategy. Your campaign is personalized to your needs.



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“I've worked with Mira for about a year now, and have never met a more reliable booker, manager and go-getter. Wether working on Sofar shows, tours for her artists or PR/marketing opportunities, Mira has an efficient, realistic, strategic and head-on approach to reach her goals. Her knowledge of the general music business, networking skills and expertise in the local music scene make Mira one of the most pleasant and professional partners I've worked with in Music so far. “

-Amy Siripunyo, Sofar Sounds

“The behind the scenes, makes shit happen, ride or die, boss lady mamasita that literally EVERYONE needs.”

-Scarlet Parke, Recording Artist / CEO, Parke Ave

"Publicity, management, booking, creative consulting, podcasting — you name it, Mira Kraft does it. Bubbling over with creative energy, the entrepreneur has been forging her own path in the music industry since 2012 when she was running open mics." 

-Jasmine Albertson, KEXP

"This woman right here is incredible. She is a dreamer of dreamers, a connector, a powerhouse, an artist... she is magic. If you are looking for artist management, creative support, a tour manager, someone to help you make your artist dreams come true... contact Mira K. She will hear your vision and help you manifest it. Her journey is about to change the world."

-Nikkita Oliver, Artist/ Attorney/ Political Activist

"Mira is one of those people that will always feel like family, that will grind harder than you do (making you want to grind even harder), and what she says she means. If you want someone that will put in the work, while supporting your creative process, she's your person.”

-Nikki Etienne, Recording Artist

“Mira Kraft is my go to person. She can take on just about anything and brings your creative visions to life without missing a step. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a strong creative member on the team!”

-Alina Ly, Recording Artist

"Mira Kraft is the badass woman who booked the UK part of my Europe Tour! She's a hard working, jack-of-all trades and I am super glad to have her on my team. She truly understands the artists vision and provides a service most PR agents do not."

-Whitney Mongé, Recording Artist 

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